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  Today is Sunday,it's sunny. This is a beautiful garden .Some children are playing in the garden.They are very happy.You can see some trees ,some beautiful flowers and some birds.There are some boys and girls.They are playing games and theyare very happy!




  It was the second day of our winter holiday. I felt good. I felt I’m free. I had a lot of time to do things I like. My parents are in Beijing. So I live alone but I don’t feel lonely.

  But I didn’t do something special. I stayed at home and watched TV. Oh! I wrote an English daily composition. It was my homework. Today, I have slept for 14 hours. I thought I was very tired. It was time for dinner. I must go! I am very hungry.


  Snowflakes have sent Fulu, frozen cold spring festival. Days of snow, snow in spring. The Spring Festival has come quietly.

  Tomorrow is the long-awaited new year's Eve, I woke up on the roof, wearing a white gauze dress, this is the day of snow! We sit on the bus back home, just got home I have a task, help post character, I am very dedicated to grandpa in the executive behind the start! I took the tape and scissors busy awfully, a home "lively" much, at night, we set off firecrackers, fireworks, firecrackers and fireworks can be like thunder, more gentle, with the flash it fly into the sky, stretched its shining skirt, leaving a beautiful figure in the dark sky. The fireworks are like a black ribbon like beautiful flowers in the dark, beautiful!

  Today is the first day of the new year, I got up early, I saw grandpa's grandmother, said to them: "I wish grandpa and grandma longevity, happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea red envelope!" The grandparents laughed and handed me the red bag and said, "grow up!" My parents also gave me a red envelope. I couldn't keep my mouth shut, and went out to pay New Year's call. I kept the same rule: "XX happy new year, congratulations on getting rich".

  It's good for the new year. I've been one year longer, and I'll work harder in the New Year!


  There is a lot of fun in the winter vacation, but one of the most memorable things for me is to spend the new year. It was a busy morning, when the bird had just asked the sun father-in-law, people got up. The market is very busy, people say laugh and laugh, everywhere is a piece of joy, the earth changed to new clothes, red as a red dress. Crackling, what sound is it? Oh The original is "happy Symphony" ah, the street over the children's laughter, the market huge crowds of people, endure endure crowded crowded. The cars on the road running, the little swallow circling, twittering in the sky, what is it doing? It's playing the song of the spring for everyone!

  My mother took me into this bustling market, to visit relatives, relatives have a chubby little guy, she is very naughty, kept on hand beat my face, don't cut my nails, and she played many games, such as: cat and mouse. The monkey on the tree......

  I can't forget this interesting thing.



  I was depressed because I couldnt understand an English book after I bought it. I could understand nothing. I thought maybe I should study English hard and only by this could I learn a lot of knowledge and understand English aw well as communicate with others in English. I told myself, ‘just go’.


  1. last sunday,i went to my grandmother's home.my aunt and his family came here too.

  i played with my cousin in the forest until lunch is ready.

  i love my big family,i feel so warm living with them.

  2. today i receive a strange call.i was told that my telephone was owed 2500 yuan.it was a shock to me.what a pity if that was true!

  in fact at first i don't believe it at all.because my mom have just paid for my telephone call cost for me last month.

  so i inquire about it through a call to the telecommunication office.

  in the end the truth came out.it was completely a lie.i have enough money on my phone .

  i hate swindler.

  3. i like chatting on line.

  when i chat with my pen pal i was thinking that i was the most happy person in the world.

  chatting on line will make you well-spoken too.so i keep on this habbit.

  today i meet an foreigner on my qq,after some dialog i found he was erudite.

  i was so happy that i make such a friend.

  4. i was a lazy boy.i didn't get up until 12 o'clock today.haha how will you think me if you hear it,give up to being my friend?yes everyone don't want to have lazy friend.so do i.

  so i think i must try to get up earlier.haha

  5. nice color nice day.

  what a good weather.

  it finally be sunny today after several days' raining.i'm not kidding you!

  i went to play football with my friends after dinner.

  there are some pretty girls among it.i said to one of the girls that she was very beautiful,then her face turned red.

  i know girls like puffery,that will make them more beautiful.haha

  6. those days i'm living in my uncle's home.

  we three cousin play together,eat together and sleep together.it seem we are the shadow of each other.

  i know why we can get on well with eath other.

  we are the same age,have the same hobby .and the most important we are relatives.

  7. last night i had a mysterious dream.

  i become a cat.

  i keep balance well during the process of falling.

  i am flexible enough to cat mice.

  i have shining eyes when night comes.i fall in love of endless darkness.

  if you ask who i am.

  a black cat.

  8. today i went to supermarket with my mom.

  it was a hot day.the market was crowded.so i got heatstroke half way home at noon.(not in the market,they have good air-condition,very comfortable,you needn't have to wrory about it.)

  in the end i was send to hospital to cool myelf.oh what a terrible thing!

  9. i can never dare to touch a dog since i experience such a thing.

  i walked on my way home after swimming.(a way through the forest.)

  suddenly a fierce huge dog came towards me.

  at that moment i am in a babel.i don't like dog at all,especially a big strong dog.

  then i started to run so that i can escape from it.but i didn't know that i was making things worse.

  the big black dog started run to me too.

  it seem you might think that i would be eaten by this dog hunter.

  in the end the host of the courser appeared and the big black dog was stopped by his order.

  oh how do i felt.bad luck or lucky?

  could you tell me guys.

  10. after supper i watch TV.

  i know that the condition in Xingjiang Province get worse.i feel very sad about it.

  i hope that the insurgence be killed instantly so that no more innocent person get hurt no matter slight or deep.

  best wish to dearly beloved brethren.


  In China,the Spring Festival in the most important festival.People usually have a long holiday.It lates seven days or more.Most of the families will have a big family get-together.The whole family will have a big meal on the eve of the Spring Festival.Everyone is happy.The most traditional food is dumplings.The Chinese think the dumplings will bring them good luck in the new year.

  On the first day of the Chinese New Year,people usually wear new clothes and visit their relatives and friends.They say“Happy New Year”to each other.People often go to the parks or go shopping.


  After fifth days of winter vacation, I wrote the diary of "a tired and happy day", and dad helped me put this diary on the computer. In fact, I really want to be able to put it into my computer with my own hands. If I learn to type, I know how to use the most basic thing on a computer. How good!

  So, I asked Dad to teach me to type. But, at first, I wanted to play "work", but I couldn't find "L" where, I suddenly thought about the same letter as the keyboard in the old three grade. Later, I hit the "Lao" on the computer screen can not show the word "work", the original father used the "five input method", I really disappointed.

  I went to my father for advice, dad taught me to change the "five input method" to "Sogou input method". I tried it. It was really successful! I can finally hit this diary on my own computer!

  I'm so happy today, because I learned to type!


  passage 2love is difficultit is good to love, but love is difficult.

  for one human being to love another human being is perhaps the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us — the ultimate task, the final test and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation. that is why young people, who are beginners in everything, are not yet capable of love: it is something they must learn. with their whole being, with all the


  My computer is also one of the winter holidays. On a certain day, at a certain moment, that's how I found e. I have a funny thing at e.

  At the beginning, I like a a green hand a hot blooded youth, at e, I thought I could count on a fine young writer, began to publish my article. I was excited to see one or two articles published become dizzy with success, is very pleased with oneself, I began to be cocky, but after a moment that I never had.

  I have unwittingly opened an article on this day to read all the words and beautiful words on it. The article was so well written that I was accustomed to the author after I had finished reading it. To my surprise, it was written for the pupils. As a junior high school student, I was even worse than a primary school student. That made me ashamed of my previous attitude, and I opened his log. My God! Article written wonderful, it makes me ashamed, even on my previous attitude. I think e is a lot of this kind of talent. My action proved my idea.

  In the above thing, I know that I can't be proud. It is necessary to know that there are mountains outside the mountain, and there are people outside. I should work harder.

  This winter vacation I know my own shortcomings and the direction I want to move forward, what can be more interesting than this?